Body Piercings

Body Piercings at Addictive Expressions are available by Walk-In or Appointment. We have a private piercing room available for our clients' comfort. All piercings are performed with sterilized equipment in a sanitary environment. We use only high quality medical-grade surgical steel and titanium (including internally threaded) jewelry for initial piercings. Detailed aftercare information is provided with every piercing, and we have several aftercare products in stock to aide in quick & proper healing of your new 'expression'.

In our studio, we carry a large selection of high quality body jewelry to compliment the many piercings we offer. We regularly stock hundreds of styles, sizes, colors, & gauges of the most demanded body jewelry. We can also special order any hard-to-find items which aren't kept in stock; including precious stone settings, silver & gold. We are happy to help you determine the appropriate size/gauge jewelry you will need, and we offer free jewelry changes on any jewelry purchased here (for standard piercings).

- Prices -

  • Earlobes: $30 +$15/ea additional
  • Cartilage Piercings: $30 ea
    This Includes Piercings Such As:
    • Tragus
    • Conch
    • Single helix
    • Rook
    • Snug
    • Etc…
  • Standard Body Piercings: $30 ea
    This Includes Piercings Such As:
    • Eyebrow
    • Navel
    • Nostril
    • Lip
    • Snake Bites (pair): $60
  • Tongue: $50
  • Standard Industrial: $50
  • Nipples: $40ea/$60 for pair

All prices are CASH. There is a $5 upcharge for credit cards.

We have a full selection of aftercare & piercing products available!

PLEASE NOTE REGARDING MINORS & PIERCINGS: We will pierce minors with parent/guardian permission and proper documentation for minors 16 years or older. We do have restrictions on types of piercings available based on age:

  • We will only do basic earlobe & basic single point cartilage piercings on minors under the age of 16.
  • We will pierce earlobes for children ages 7 & up.
  • We will not pierce tongues or nipples for any minor.

-Please Click Here to view our studio policies regarding minors.


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