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Body Piercings

Body piercings at Addictive Expressions are available by appointment only. We have a private piercing room to ensure the comfort of the clients. All piercings are performed in a sanitary environment with equipment, needles, and jewelry that has all been sterilized. Initial piercing jewelry is made with implant grade surgical steel but titanium is available upon request for an up charge. All piercings are performed with a hollow needle, not a piercing “gun” making them more sterile and have less complications. Detailed aftercare instructions are given with each new piercing and we have aftercare products in stock to help with successful healed results.

Body piercing is more complex than just poking a hole! Our piercer will work with you to ensure your anatomy and jewelry is perfect for the placement of our new piercing. We offer a selection of jewelry for sale for most common piercings. We are happy to help our clients in determining the proper size and gauge jewelry you will need and we offer free jewelry change outs for any jewelry purchased in our studio.

Looking to get your little ones ears pierced? Taking them to a professional piercer is a safer option than the mall. We will happily accommodate ear piercing for children 7 and up. Children’s ear piercings will require an appointment, please contact our piercer to schedule an appointment.

- Prices -

All prices are CASH. There is a $10 upcharge for credit cards.

We have a full selection of aftercare & piercing products available!

PLEASE NOTE REGARDING MINORS & PIERCINGS: We will pierce minors with parent/guardian permission and proper documentation for minors 16 years or older. We do have restrictions on types of piercings available based on age:

-Please Click Here to view our studio policies regarding minors.