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Addictive Expressions is located at 3566 Lincoln Highway East in Kinzers, PA. (That's past 'The Outlets' along RT30 in Eastern Lancaster County for those of you thinking to yourself "Kinzers??!") To the locals, we're formally known as "that building with the huge duck".

At Addictive Expressions, we work under the best conditions, with friendly staff, using sterile equipment in a clean & safe environment. Our staff is more than willing and capable of answering any tattoo or piercing questions you may have, and help you to create the best 'expression'. We have the knowledge, experience, & dedication to make your body modification an enjoyable, sanitary, and safe one.

Tattoos - Tattoos are an addictive form of art, and Addictive Expressions is here to help you create your new personal expression! We have a diverse selection of flash artwork available for you to choose or get ideas from; and we specialize in creating custom designs if you're looking for something unique & special to you. From old school to fine line, black & gray to full color, scripting to portraits, small pieces to full custom sleeves, we can do it all! Detailed aftercare information is included with your new tattoo, and our staff is always available to answer any questions you have about your new tattoo.

Body Piercing - In our studio, we carry a large selection of high quality body jewelry to compliment the many piercings we offer. We can also special order any hard-to-find items which aren't kept in stock; including precious stone settings, silver & gold. Our piercings are performed using high grade, individually sterilized jewelry, in a private room for our clients' comfort. All clients receive thorough aftercare instructions with their new piercing, and our informative staff will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Addictive Expressions is now proud to offer an array of aftercare products to help with the proper care & maintaince of your new tattoo or piercing. We feature: SEA MIST, ANTISEPTIC SKIN CLEANER and TATWAX aftercare.

Here at Addictive Expressions, we choose to focus on the quality of what we do and how we do it. We continue to stay consistent in our efforts to provide the highest level of quality, without cutting corners. We are here to do tattoos & body piercings Tuesday through Saturday from 12PM until 8PM (Appointment only on Sunday & Monday). Please give us a call or stop by the studio to setup your next tattoo or piercing!


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