Our Policies

**We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, sexuality, national origin, color, sex, age, veteran status, or disability. It is our intention that all clients are respected equally in our studio. However we do have the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.**

**Contact US immediately if you have and questions/problems/concerns! -- Yes, doctors heal the world, but when it comes to tattoos and/or piercings they are typically against them. Some as well, have a lack of education/experience with them. This means as the patient you may be given false information. Sometimes tattoos and/or piercings just go bad --- They don't heal, they reject, they get infected, they get pulled out, and more. Sometimes this is due to poor tattooing/piercing techniques, other times due to poor aftercare of the tattoo/piercings, and sometimes your body just doesn't want something in it.

  • Pricing
    We do not give price quotes over the telephone or e-mail for many reasons. 1) There is absolutely no way a price can be given until we see what we are doing (size, location, detail, etc) 2) It promotes "price shopping". If you are looking for a quality tattoo or piercing done in clean sterile conditions by a competent knowledgeable person, (which is what we offer) you are not going to find that type of work by going to the person charging half the price of everyone else. We are looking for clients that care about what they will be receiving, and want the procedures done right, clean, and sterile. With that said, what we charge is fair--prices for the working class! Tattoos start at a minimum of fifty ($50.00) dollars and go up from there. Our hourly rate is $100/hr, which is average for reputable studios in the area. Our piercings start at $30 cash, which includes the piercing, jewelry, & aftercare instruction.
  • Children
    No children under 16 will be permitted in the tattoo studio during your tattoo appointment. Please find other arrangements for your children prior to your scheduled appointment.
  • Minors
    We will tattoo and pierce those under the age of 18, however we are very selective in the artwork and placement. We do require consent from a parent or legal guardian. The minor and parent or guardian must be present (with proper identification) and stay during the entire appointment.
    *Proper ID (Parent/Legal Guardian):
    • Valid State License or State issued ID
    • Valid Military ID
    • Valid Passport
    *Proper ID (Minor):
    • Valid State License or State issued ID & Birth Certificate
    • Valid Passport & Birth Certificate
    • School ID & Birth Certificate
    • Work ID & Birth Certificate
    • Year Book & Birth Certificate
    Please keep in mind that if you are giving false information you will be liable for prosecution. This simply means that if you are not Mom/Dad/Legal Guardian you will be held responsible = FINES, JAIL TIME, LAWYER FEES, ETC. THERE ARE NO EXECPTIONS --- Even if you forget your ID, you can forget a tattoo or piercing in our studio! AGAIN, there ARE NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • Tattoo Appointments
    Appointments are recommended. We do understand that "life happens" and that keeping an appointment can be difficult at times. Please be kind to our artists and clients by cancelling if you cannot make your scheduled appointment. We simply ask that you give us a courtesy call within 24 hours of your appointment. If you fail to call within 24 hours or do not call what so ever, you forefit your non-refundable deposit. We require a $20+ deposit for all appointments. Your deposit will be applied to the total cost of your tattoo on the day of the appointment.
  • Bring a Friend or Two
    We encourage you to bring a friend to your appointment but please limit it to 2 people. We want you to have support but not your Entourage.
  • Smoking
    Our studio is a non-smoking establishment. For those who choose to smoke, you may smoke outside the studio. Please use the receptacle provided. We keep the studio & parking lot clean for you, so please help us in keeping it clean!
  • Guarantee of work/Touch ups
    It is our goal to satisfy all of our clients. We guarantee that with proper care, you will be satisfied with your tattoo or piercing for years to come. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us immediately. We do free "touch-ups" on our tattoos for up to six (6) months from the initial tattoo date, only if all care instructions are followed. We do not do "touch-ups" on other artists work for free. However for a charge we will work-on, add-to, finish, touch-up, and/or recolor your existing tattoos. Hint: We can tell the difference between a "fall out" and "sun/chlorine damage".
  • Alcohol/Drugs
    We will absolutely not tattoo or pierce anyone who is, or even appears to be under the influence of any illicit drugs or alcohol.
  • Pregnancy
    We will absolutely not tattoo or pierce those who are pregnant.


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